Bondi Sands’ Best Beauty Tips for 2019

We’re always on the lookout for new beauty tricks and tips that will get us looking our absolute best. From self tan to self-care, we’ve gathered together some of the beauty hacks that you definitely need to know. Whether you’re planning a big night out or just a lazy summer’s day on the beach, follow these essential tips and you’ll be glowing inside and out!

Tip 1: Beauty is skin-deep

The secret to a beautiful self tan is skin that’s in tip-top condition. Taking care of your skin before you apply self tan will make sure that your Bondi products enhance your skin’s natural glow. That means always remembering to take your makeup off before bed!

We asked one of our fave beauty babes about how she preps her skin before bedtime to make sure she wakes up fresh-faced every morning.

“When it comes to my evening skincare routine, it’s all about getting ready for sleep and relaxing for me. I always take my time to double cleanse, apply treatments and I love to use an oil or an overnight mask to pack in moisture as I sleep. I read once that Beyonce goes to sleep with a greasy face from so much product so I’m going with that mentality - works for B!”

Allie-May Redmond, blogger of ‘The Friday Girl’ lets us know one of her go-to tips for a beautiful life.

Tip 2: Feel your best

We’re all about self-care and taking time to look after ourselves; because when we feel good on the inside, it really shows.

Our girl Zoe’s top tip is "perfect the base and the rest will follow". It's really all about taking care of your body; drinking enough, sleeping enough and eating your veggies to get that inner glow. Feeling good on the inside will help you feel more confident and ready for anything.

Zoe W from ‘Beautifinous’ reveals how feeling good can make you look better too.

Tip 3: SPF is your BFF

Wearing a suncream or SPF moisturiser every day is absolutely essential. It will help keep your face feeling fresh and reduce the chances of UV damage to your skin.

Even when it’s not sunny, harmful UV rays can still get through and cause damage. Check out our suncare range to find the perfect new addition to your morning skincare routine.

Wearing suncream every day with an SPF 15 or 30 is so good for your skin. Remember - sun rays on a winter day are still bad for the skin.

Tip 4: Bake don’t cake

Baking as part of your makeup routine for a big night out has become a well-known trend. It’s perfect for avoiding those concealer creases and keeps you looking flawless all night long.

To bake your face, pack on a layer of loose translucent powder to your freshly applied makeup in the areas that you usually see creases. Under your eyes, smile lines and frown lines are the usual targets. Apply on your jaw to really make your contour pop. Leave it on for a while to “bake” and then buff away the excess with a fluffy brush. Perfect!

Tip 5: Buff it out

Using a buffing brush with synthetic bristles to apply self tan on your face will help get that flawless, streak-free tan on lockdown. Synthetic bristles don’t absorb as much product, so it helps you get an even application every time.

If you want to go the extra mile for the perfect bronzed shimmer, reach for our Gloss Finishing Glow from the Bondi Sands GLO range. Use your brush to buff into the high points of your face and your collar bones to really complete your look.

Share your tips!

We hope our top tips get our Bondi babes looking and feeling their best. If you have some Bondi beauty hacks of your own, let us know! Tag us in your Insta posts and use #bondisands to show off your seamless glow.

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