Tanning Tips for Dry Skin

Dry Skin Hacks: How to Ensure Your Tan Looks its Best

If your skin tends to be a little on the dry side but you’re longing for a smooth, even tan, you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re dreaming of a winter glow but the cold has turned your skin into a nightmare, or your natural skin type is a little drier than others - don’t worry! We’ve gathered together all of our top tips for self tanning dry skin, from the prep to the upkeep, so you can get your tanning routine sorted.

Indulge in a pre-tan pamper sesh

The secret to any flawless tan is in the preparation, especially when dry skin is involved. It may sound like a lot of effort, but it’s not. And it’ll totally be worth it in the end!

Start off with a long soak in a nice, warm bath. Not only is this a great excuse for some relaxing me-time, it’ll also soften your skin ready to be beautifully bronzed. You could even use some moisturising bath products like a bath bomb or bath milk to make it extra hydrating for your skin (and extra relaxing for you!).

Once you’ve soaked for as long as you like, use a gentle exfoliator or our Exfoliation Mitt all over your body just before you get out. This will help to remove dead skin cells and create a smooth base for a flawless self tan application.

When you get out, pat dry and reach for your favourite moisturiser. Products containing Aloe Vera are great for dry or sensitive skin. Not only are they really soothing, but they lock in loads of moisture too.

If you can, wait at least an hour before applying your self tan so you give your moisturiser enough time to really get to work on your skin.

It’s tanning time!

When it’s time to tan, we’d say the best self tan for dry skin is a lotion. These are our most hydrating product, as they moisturise an tan your skin a the same time. Our Self Tanning Lotions are absolutely ideal!

They are infused with skin-loving ingredients like Aloe Vera and Coconut to keep your skin hydrated while you tan, for a stunning natural glow. Their moisturising properties also make them a great self tan for sensitive skin, as they are gentle and soothing.

Apply your tan with one of our Self Tanning Mitts, for a really luxurious tanning experience. Buff the tan onto your skin in circular motions for a glorious, streak-free finish.

To find out more about how to apply self tan and get those perfect results, check out Brittney Saunders’ tanning tips and tricks!

Stay bronzed for longer

To keep your tan in tip top condition, we recommend using a gradual tanner to ensure your skin stays bronzed and beautiful. Our Gradual Tanning Milk is our best gradual self tanner for dry skin, as it’s packed with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E to soothe and hydrate.

Why not try our Liquid Gold range? Watch your golden glow develop throughout the day and keep your skin hydrated. Made with Argan Oil, you can enjoy soft, supple skin all day long. Just reapply every day to build a gradual Australian tan.

Make sure you moisturise regularly. Not only will it keep your skin hydrated and soft, but it will also prolong your tan. So, you can stay looking like a sun-kissed goddess for longer.

Get your glow on

So now you know how to get your dry skin looking it’s absolute best, you’ll be glowing and gorgeous all year round!

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